Find Out The Best Information About Robert Hirsch

Robert Hirsch, an entrepreneur, and a successful venture owner can also be called a business sage, as he believes in uplifting other businessmen by taking their business to the next level. Robert began his first business when he was just 16, on 9th June 1990. Watching cash flow during daily strolls in the market excited him like no other, and hence, he became an entrepreneur at the little age of 16. At the time, Robert once saw a customer purchasing jewelry for $150, and that’s when he thought, he wanted to do something BIG! Which made him open his bead shop with a friend, which became quite successful in just a short period.

Know More About Robert’s Mighty Businesses

At the time of finishing school, Robert realized that business is something that interests him. As a result of which, Robert moved to Silicon Valley, to seek fame and make money. As soon as he moved to Silicon Valley, Robert started a bunch of ventures of his own and even sold his first company at the mere age of 25. The businesses started booming and even started paying for Robert’s college studies, to an extent to which, Robert spent the next 14 years building empires in the field of software, health, private equity, and consulting. The business was something that used to excite Robert, and thus, he ended up spending a lot of years growing businesses, making them extremely profitable, and then selling them off. During that time, Robert also started consulting people on their businesses, and how to make them big and sound.

Business is in Robert’s blood and soul. It isn’t wrong to say that Robert lives and breathes business. Starting new ventures, making them fruitful, generating money out of them, and then selling them off became his passion. Freedom Factory was born just out of this passion. Robert, along with a partner started this venture, wherein they help people sell off their ventures which are no longer useful to them. As a Freedom Factory Managing Partner, Robert helps people by evaluating businesses, putting a price on them, and later selling it off to the most appropriate buyer. Robert started this company from Colorado which is now a big hype in the business buying and selling industry. The enterprise enables entrepreneurs to sell off and free themselves from a no longer profitable business, which is later bought by another businessman.

Robert, co-founder Freedom Factory, sincerely believes in helping other businessmen, this mission is served through Freedom Factory, as they help entrepreneurs secure their financial position. It isn’t wrong to say that Robert is an expert when it comes to business and profits. He has helped companies shoot up their sales volumes from $5 million to $50 million, which has made him a big name in his field. People now know Robert as he has taught the masses how companies can grow through acquisitions.

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